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    $79.00 Retail
    $54.95 Wholesale
    Formulated with botanical active ingredients, Dramatic New Anti-Aging Crème helps reverse the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tones, dryness, and loss of elasticity and firmness.
    $99.00 Retail
    $69.95 Wholesale
    Tri-Peptide Face Treatment helps produce collagen, relaxes the appearance of deep wrinkles, and stimulates the skin to immediately begin healing and restoring its youthful appearance.
    $159.00 Retail
    $109.95 Wholesale
    Dramatic Anti-Aging Crème and Tri-Peptide Face Treatment are a dynamic duo of products that each produce powerful results independently, but when used together provide the ultimate, anti-aging solution. See individual product pages for more information
    Mineral Man Bundle
    $114.21 Retail
    $79.95 Wholesale

    The ultimate skincare and grooming set for the active man looking to use ingredients that are safe, non-toxic and effective. Designed to exceed the highest expectations and made to make a truly remarkable difference in men’s skin.

    Acai Exfoliator
    $14.21 Retail
    $9.95 Wholesale

    The Anti-Aging Açaí Exfoliator features fruit acids, plant mineral exfoliators and Açaí pulp all working together for gentle yet thorough exfoliation.

    Acai Exfoliator (60 mL)
    $29.93 Retail
    $20.95 Wholesale
    Fruit acids, plant mineral exfoliators and pulp work together for gentle yet thorough exfoliation. Numerous agents soothe skin providing antioxidant benefits.
    Adoring Blush - 2 grams
    $25.64 Retail
    $17.95 Wholesale

    Enhance your complexion with a rosy wine blush.

    Advanced Anti-Aging Serum (1 fl.oz.)
    $135.64 Retail
    $94.95 Wholesale

    L’dara® Advanced Anti-Aging Serum is clinically proven to deliver multiple anti-aging results in just four weeks!

    Alive Rejuvenating Day Cream
    $25.00 Retail
    $18.75 Wholesale
    Your delicate skin can always use a little tender loving care. This cream has everything good to fight dryness & fine lines & protect you from pollution, office air and signs of stress on your face. Vitamins & sodium hyaluronate keep your skin moist and supple and our essential oils (ylang-ylang and chamomile) soften and defend. Nature gets us off to a great start...but Nurture keeps us glowing.

Showing of 341 total

Showing of 341 total